Spiritual Growth Factors

Spiritual growth factors are like little nuggets of insights for the disciple that will be a catalyst for spiritual transformation. Designed for weekly digestion and meditation so that Spirit will move in our hearts.

The walk of the disciple is often punctuated with potholes and obstacles. There are highs and there are lows. We often struggle with issues which we cannot reconcile with our will and our understanding of the gospel. We get confused with key areas like the nature of grace as opposed to works, the shame of repentance, forgiveness and the struggle with guilt. What about the lingering doubts and uncertainties? Why don’t we desire to read the Word and why don’t we get excited with Christ anymore?. Each of these areas are like obstacles in a steeple chase in the race of life which once overcome will become a milestone resulting in real growth in spiritual maturity. Each article is a growth factor once understood will shed light and release the disciple to maturity in the likeness of Christ.


The Christian And Politics

The election is gearing up next week and everyone is feverishly preparing for the event which may prove to be the most significant in its long-term effect upon our nation to date. For Christians, we are in a unique position as we live in this world but are not of this world. How do we understand and operate in the political landscape in a meaningful and godly manner that will be a blessing to the nation?

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Spiritual challenges of the Covid -19 pandemic

We end the week with an uncomfortable escalation of new Covid 19 cases in Malaysia which had prompted the church to go into a limited mode service for this past two weeks and from today onwards we will cease physical worship services on Sundays and only have the services on line at our website.