For many the Alpha program represents the first step towards the Christian life, and many Alpha graduates will end the program asking “What happens next?”. Others may ask “Scientists may be able to prolong life, but will it be worth living?”

BETA addresses the above questions. Not only an excellent follow-up program to Alpha, it is also a good program for any new Christian who wants to enjoy a closer relationship with Jesus to have his/her heart transformed and enjoy a new life of joyous living.

Three key components of the BETA program are:
• The “Dinner” allows for friendships to develop and enhance over meal .
• The “Talk” covers key areas of starting out in Christian life based on a study of the Book of Philippians
• The “Group Discussion” gives participants the opportunity to ask questions and share their views, hence help each other to draw closer to Jesus Christ.

The 8-weeks program covers the following:
Week 1: Introduction to the Bible & Why/how to do Quiet Time
Week 2-8: Study of the Book of Philippians:
New Heart (Phil 1:1-11)
New Purpose (Phil 1:12-30)
New Attitude (Phil 2:1-11)
New Responsibilities (Phil 2:12-18)
New Friendships and Confidence (Phil 2:19-30; 3:1-11)
New Ambitions (Phil 3:10-21)
New Resources and Generosity (Phil 4:1-23)