FBC Pastors Testimonials


Pastor Moby Noah

Seeing His Faithfulness

Pastor. R. Ramachandran

Submission to God’s Way

Pastor Joash

The Joy of Gospel Partnership

Pastor Leon Lim

God’s Call for FBC

Through the different experiences in my life, a different meaning to the quest of life became apparent to me in May 2011. Life is not just striving in a secular world but to turn towards Jesus’ way – servitude. A single goal to transform my life to faithfully oblige His sacrifice, I prayed, and as God wished it, He gave me an unexpected answer to my prayer, as a Pastor

March 2020, First Baptist Church (E) Subang will celebrate its 10 years anniversary. I thank God for this privilege to write the front page and will always treasure the ability to serve God in FBC (E) Subang. After completion of construction of the new worship Hall and its facilities we were back at First Baptist Church Subang Centre in March 2010 and in later months ...

I met Pastor Mark in September 2016. After just one meal and a conversation, he immediately welcomed me to consider FBC (E) for a fresh start. He said that the church was always eager to welcome new partnerships as there is plenty of gospel work to be done. That statement gave me the impression that FBC (E) was a church that was constantly preaching...

Today it is common enough to see the church make headlines, many times for the wrong reasons. Sometimes I wonder, if people were to write about us, rather than we write about ourselves. What would people say about our church? What will our church be known about or known for? Many will see it as cliché to say that the church is called by God into existence...


Pastor You Han Ling

Journey to the “West”

Pastor Mark Tan

He is Faithful

Pastor Louie Aguilar

The Filipino Ministry

I joined FBC(E) in April 2018, so my journey here has just begun. As most of you know I am a Mandarin speaking pastor, who was invited to serve for a probationary period here. That was the beginning of many struggles. I struggled moving from a small church to a big church, from a small town to a city and most challengingly, from a Chinese to an English speaking congregation...

I give thanks to God for the privilege to serve in First Baptist Church since 2012. Though I was fresh out of seminary with little to no experience of being a pastor, the church graciously extended their hand of partnership and enthusiasm to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ known among young people.Through First Baptist, I have had the joy and privilege to reach out...

It was August 10, 2013, when the Filipino Ministry Worship Service started at the Transit Lounge, Basement 1, with the involvement of few Filipinos previously attending regularly at the main service. Not only that the FBC(E)’s vision to have a ministry for Overseas Filipino Workers came to realization on that day, but it was an amazing answered prayer from the Lord, because my wife...