Audio Visual

Our Audio/Visual Ministry is a group of people that forms the backbone of worship services and special events such as Christmas and Easter.We strive to be innovative and use available technologies to enhance our services and ultimately glorify God. Each week we work behind-the-scenes to help enhance the worship services and special events to create a vibrant and edifying environment with sound reinforcement, computer presentations, stage lighting and video cameras.

To experience the joy and significance of serving God and the church, and if you are comfortable working with equipment, do come and join and serve alongside us. You will enter into a community of AV team members who learn and support each other, work hard together, and have a lot of fun. Guidance is provided. Most of our AV team members have had no prior experience, too.

We are most severely stretched in this area of ministry and there are so many meetings to cater for. We are looking for those who have an interest in computers or in sound to come and join us. Don't worry if you are not a whiz in complicated gadgetry, all you need is a willing heart and nimble mind and we will do the rest and train you up.


Computer Presentations

We help project the speaker’s visuals and sometimes create visuals to be screened for music.


Sound Reinforcement

We operate the sound board for worship services, worship team rehearsals and special events. We also help set up microphones and musical instruments to ensure everything spoken, sung, or played from the stage can be heard with clarity.


Stage Lighting

Lights are used to illuminate the platform and auditorium. We are responsible for making the necessary enhancements for services and special events.


Video Operation

We have video cameras so that worshippers can have a live feed of the 8:45 am worship service from the main hall at the Globe Cafe.

To be part of the AV Ministry, please contact Malcolm Anderson (012-354 8301, or meet any of us at the back of the main hall.