About Us

Vision Statement
To grow bible-based churches and passionately connect the love and gospel of Jesus to all through His people.

Mission Statement
To live out the Gospel of Jesus, build up the community of His church and empower it for His mission to redeem His people.

We believe that the Gospel is the good news (not advice) about what Jesus Christ has done to reconcile humans to God. There is only one God who is holy and made us in His image to know Him. But we sinned against God and rejected Him to live our own lives. In His great love, God sent His son Jesus Christ to come and rescue us from our own sins. Jesus lived the perfect life on earth, died on the cross to fulfil the law himself and took on the punishment of our sins. Jesus rose again from the dead, demonstrating that God accepted his sacrifice on our behalf and that God’s wrath against us had been satisfied in Christ. God now calls us to repent of our sins and to trust in Christ alone for our forgiveness. If we repent of our sins, we are born again into a new eternal life with a restored relationship with God. The gospel is God’s explosive power that changes everything. The gospel motivates believers through the riches of God’s grace not guilt. The Gospel fuels our passion for His mission. In response to Christ’s finished work on the cross we are committed towards being passionate and having a spirit of excellence to proclaim His Glory. This encompasses everything that we do from our praise and worship to ministry works, from our teaching to discipleship and from our caring to sharing. The Gospel makes us passionate for His Community and His Mission.

The church is a community, a household of faith, rather than a collection of individuals. Jesus came to create a new community, empowered by the gospel. In Christ and in community, we devote ourselves to one another with increasing vulnerability, because the gospel frees us from hiding our faults. Jesus creates a community that is open to others. People are at the heart of a gospel community. We strive to reach all who are lost, broken and far away from God, from all backgrounds and walks of life, and to bring them closer to Him by sharing the Gospel of Jesus. Everyone, from all ages and all backgrounds, is welcome and can come as they are, to be accepted and loved by our church as God loves and accepts us. This makes us a church that breaks down barriers tha often divide. (i.e income , Age , Race , Culture ) . God has blessed the church with rich diversity and united in the Gospel we stand stronger. United we actively invest in raising servant leaders to set them up for successful, gospel-centered and missional lives through accountability, discipleship and partnership whilst modelling servant leadership. We are fervent in serving our Living God with an attitude of humility, grace, love, and patience, as exemplified by Christ, discovering and developing spiritual gifts to build up His community for His mission.

We believe that our mission is to proclaim, to preserve and to display the Gospel in our community first and thereafter to the rest of the world. The church’s mission is to strengthen her members’ spiritual relationship with the Lord (Spiritual Nature) and to proclaim the gospel message of love and reconciliation through ministries (Physical nature) that our Lord Jesus Christ both supremely exemplified while on earth and continues to do so through the work of the Holy Spirit in His people. Jesus charged his apostles to proclaim the Gospel to all nations. In doing so, the church gets alongside God to achieve His mission and the ultimate goal of glorifying Him. (Matthew 25:34-40; 28:18-20) The church is the primary agent of God’s kingdom; supporting, planting and revitalizing other churches is a high priority. By proliferating churches centered on the gospel, we can play a significant role in healing and mending a broken world and testifying to our hope of Jesus’ return when he will set all things right. The gospel shows compassion for the poor and seeks justice. In the Spirit, the gospel of the Kingdom of God works for the healing of the world’s woundedness. We long for an environment in which the gospel is understood and people are discovering the joy of living out their commitment to the gospel. We seek to live into the priorities and passions of the kingdom of God. To bear witness (evangelism) and to show love (social action) are the distinct and inseparable holy actions of the body of Christ. Generosity is our privilege as we recognise all that Christ has so sacrificially and generously given us and we respond by also being generous – with our giving, time and talents to engage, influence and transform the city and beyond for His Glory .

What We Believe

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What We Value

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