Biblical Interpretation

Purpose of the Course
The purpose of this course is to help equip leaders at First Baptist to understand and love God’s word better. This course will enable students to create better lessons, studies, or sermons. Students will better understand how to observe, interpret, and apply the biblical text.

Course Format
Each study session will involve three activities—reading a text, watching a video, and answering some questions.

Read the Materials
Each session, materials should be read before watching the weekly video. These will come from Grasping God’s Word by J. Scott Duvall and Daniel Hays. This is a well-respected and easily found textbook. Be sure to acquire the textbook and not the workbook.

  1. Either the 3rd or 4th edition of the textbook are fine for this class. There is also a Chinese version that is also suitable for those who read Chinese.
  2. The textbook is commonly used and can be found at stores like Evangel, Canaanland, or SUFES.
  3. The book is also available in various digital formats:
    1. Amazon Kindle:
    2. Logos
    3. Zondervan (ebook)
  4. The book is also available at outlets such as Book Depository, but it may take some time to arrive in Malaysia.

These materials will deal with the topic addressed in the upcoming session’s video. Thus, you
need to read prior to watching the video for the session.

Watch the Video

Every session, Dr. Kyle will prepare a video between 1-2 hours long. The video will focus on additional topics outside the reading, go more in-depth on some topics from the reading, or give Dr. Kyle’s perspective on the topic for the session. The videos will include discussion, as well as opportunities to think more deeply about the topic and apply it.

Videos will be released and watched on Google Classroom.

Take the Quiz

Each session will have a brief quiz related to the session’s topic. The questions will be (1) multiple-choice, (2) matching, or (3) drop-down choice. The quizzes will be available online when the weekly video session becomes available.

Join Google Classroom to submit the Quiz

Q&A Sessions

There will be five scheduled Q&A sessions with Dr. Kyle to cover the topics from the previous few weeks. These will be on Saturdays from 8:30-10:30pm per the schedule below.

Schedule of the Course

11 Sept 2021Purpose of Biblical Interpretation & TranslationsN/A
25 Sept 2021Scripture and SentencesGGW ch.3
9 Oct 2021Paragraphs and Discourses Q&A Session 1GGW ch. 4
23 Oct 2021Historical-Cultural BackgroundGGW ch. 6
6 Nov 2021Literary Context & Word StudiesGGW ch. 8-9
20 Nov 2021Where is meaning found? Q&A Session 2GGW ch. 7 & 10
4 Dec 2021ApplicationGGW ch. 13
18 Dec 2021Interpreting LettersGGW ch. 14
22 Jan 2022Q&A Session 3
15 Jan 2022Interpreting Gospels & ActsGGW ch. 15
29 Jan 2022Interpreting RevelationGGW ch. 17
12 Feb 2022Interpreting Narrative Q&A Session 4GGW ch. 18
26 Feb 2022Interpreting Law (Torah)GGW ch. 19
12 Mar 2022Interpreting PoetryGGW ch. 20
26 Mar 2022Interpreting Prophecy Q&A Session 5GGW ch. 21
9 Apr 2022Interpreting WisdomGGW ch. 22

Zoom ID for Q&A Sessions
Time: 8.30pm-10.30pm (GMT+8)
Dates: 9 Oct 2021, 20 Nov 2021, 22 Jan 2022, 12 Feb 2022, 26 Mar 2022

Join Zoom Meeting Click Here
Meeting ID: 953 0853 3603
Passcode: 404836

How to use Google Classroom

1) If using a browser from a laptop, you will see on the top bar: “Stream”, “Classwork”, and “Marks”. Go to “Classwork” to find the videos, quizzes, and reading assignments.
2) If you are using the Google Classroom app from your phone, the tabs are on the bottom: “Stream”, and “Classwork”. Click “Classwork” to find the videos, quizzes, and reading assignments.

If you are interested in the course or have questions about it, please email