Pastor You Han Ling


Journey to the “West”

I joined FBC(E) in April 2018, so my journey here has just begun. As most of you know I am a Mandarin speaking pastor, who was invited to serve for a probationary period here. That was the beginning of many struggles.

I struggled moving from a small church to a big church, from a small town to a city and most challengingly, from a Chinese to an English speaking congregation. But God provided. The Elders and leaders were often patient with my handicap, many in the congregation made me feel welcome and I could even immediately minister to those whose heart language was Cantonese and Mandarin – especially among older folks. In His divine mercy, God sent me a few teachers to build up my poor English. They helped me improve my grammar and prepare corporate prayers, devotions, Lord Supper messages and testimonies.

I often wondered why I was serving in a church that did not specially need my skills as a missionary, preaching and teaching in Mandarin. Is this really where God wanted me to serve Him? This too was a struggle. During this time I began to discover that God was enhancing my gift of pastoral care. God was opening my heart to care and comfort the sick and the suffering in our community.

God was developing in me a ministry of deeper concern and compassion for His people. Every initiative I took to reach out to listen and pray for others, received positive response. Assisting in our Family Life Ministry was a good learning experience. God also gave me opportunities to help, counsel and walk alongside those who needed emotional support and comfort for their loss.

My time here in FBC(E), although just a short one, has been a fruitful time for me. I have learnt much, been given the chance to help many and hope to serve even more towards the building of God’s kingdom. I have passion to raise up many more caring people within our community. I hope we can all mirror more and more the love and empathy of our Lord Jesus Christ as we grow in unity and maturity. May His redemptive work on the cross restore and empower us to be kingdom minded. May the Holy Spirit move us to bring many more who are lost into His kingdom in this mission year. May God develop softer and gentle hearts, patience, endurance and humility for His service.

Our God is a faithful one. All glory and honour belong to Him.