Pastor Moby Noah


Seeing His Faithfulness


March 2020, First Baptist Church (E) Subang will celebrate its 10 years anniversary. I thank God for this privilege to write the front page and will always treasure the ability to serve God in FBC (E) Subang. After completion of construction of the new worship Hall and its facilities we were back at First Baptist Church Subang Centre in March 2010 and in later months we’re renamed First Baptist Church (English) Subang.

Life went on, I retired as full time Church staff on May 31, 2011 after serving for almost 10 years. As I reflect the last 10 years on how faithful our God was and is! Initially there were 4 of us, Diana Loh, Sheila Teh, Wah See and myself.

It was a wonderful feeling after 3 types of retirement (30 years in Air Force, 10 years in Aviation related industry and finally serving God). The thought of things that I could do in my retirement, no time schedule, enjoying my evening cup of tea, feasting on His Word and His blessing. Enjoying too, the lost time of the company of my beloved wife, Janie.
On the May 22, 2011 – Sunday Bulletin Front Page that I pen “Do I fade away…”? I pray the Lord will grant us strength and good health too be able to encourage others and serve together in the coming years. (Deo Volente – God willing) Do I as Christian soldier fade away and be an ordinary worshipper?

FBC (E) was growing and the need for workers could not be denied. We were approached by the leadership to continue to serve. After much prayer and the peace in our heart we continue to serve God. Isaiah 55:8 guided us through this journey.

We have witnessed the increase in the overall of the church ministry. The growth of the church from one worship service to two, Sunday Schools, Boys Brigade, Life Groups, Visitation Ministry, Karis, Evangelism and birth of Youth Ministry, Filipino and Tamil worship services, Children Ministry, Street Feed and Family Life Ministry.

We also are reaching out to the people via Alpha and the list goes on. The church have grown physically and we need to be more Christ like in our effort to reach out to our immediate neighbourhood.

Our tagline, Gospel, Community, Mission, and the 8 Ministry Groups will serve as our guiding light in the dark. We need more hands on the plough. I believed through our commitment of our lives the Lord can do marvelous things for FBC.