Pastor Louie Aguilar


The Filipino Ministry

It was August 10, 2013, when the Filipino Ministry Worship Service started at the Transit Lounge, Basement 1, with the involvement of few Filipinos previously attending regularly at the main service. Not only that the FBC(E)’s vision to have a ministry for Overseas Filipino Workers came to realization on that day, but it was an amazing answered prayer from the Lord, because my wife and I were praying several months before to grant me employment in a place where I may continue to serve Him. Everything was realized by the perfect will, timing and grace of God.

Majority of the Filipino Ministry attendees were housemaids. Away from their loved ones, it requires constant spiritual counseling to be able to sustain their life from homesickness, loneliness and isolation. Aside from evangelizing them, the Filipino Ministry discipleship program is focused on how to stay communicated with their families, how to build a strong relationship with their employers and how to manage their lives in the midst of temptations. But unfortunately, some of them were not given the privilege to have an off day every Sunday and most of them can only attend one or two Sundays a month.

Since KL is the rendezvous area of majority of Filipinos in Malaysia during Sundays, we are moved to bring the Gospel to this place instead of inviting them in Subang. On October 2018, we started an afternoon worship service at Pacific Express Hotel (near Central Market), where they could attend Worship, Preaching and Discipleship Services. By the blessing and mercy of God, we continue to meet together every Sunday with every opportunity to invite those who are just spending their Sundays in Kotaraya Mall. The total number of attendees of both gatherings is an average of 80. Attendees usually come and go because of the prevailing culture of OFWs to stay here on a work contract. We normally advise those without legal documents to apply in different countries and those having some problems with their own families, to go home and rebuild their homes.

Currently, the ministry is now embarking to get organized into small groups using the Discipleship Team 4 Methodology in order to enhance and spread out discipleship. Every small group comprises of four members; a spiritually matured leader with three members. The leaders are equipped (coached) and empowered to hold their own Bible Studies in their respective area during weekdays, guided by the Filipino Ministry Discipleship Process (4Es—Encounter – Experience - Equipping or Empowerment - Expansion) and a curriculum. In-house seminar was conducted, potential group leaders in every area were identified and trainings will continue as we equip them also with the skills on how to lead a small group in their respective places.

For the up-coming regular activities on the first half of 2020, Filipino Ministry will be having its Sports Fellowship in March 2020 and Church Retreat at El Sanctuary, Melaka on May 10-11, 2020 with the ultimate purpose of strengthening the members spiritually and inviting more souls. We ask FBC(E) to always include us in your prayer. May the Lord bless us all.