Geraldine Tan’s Tribute


It was Geraldine Tan's warmness, friendliness & caring persona that made us remained in FBC. Scouting a Sunday School for our son then, naturally our 1st contact was the SS teacher. It was teacher Geraldine who reached out & ensured we felt welcomed. Beneath her charming & soft-spoken personality, her great & perfect hospitality also paved the way for us meeting her Cell Group leaders & members. It's her efforts in friendship & fellowship that made us feel cared for & belonged.

It's her boundless enthusiasm & deep love for children that made FBC's Sunday School a place of joyful learning & spiritual growth especially her forte with the 3s & 4s. Her kind & gentle spirit make every child in Nursery class valued & cherished.

Her devotion & passion to SS ministry inspired me to pass the leadership role of Sunday School Superintendent to her, albeit a short one!

Beyond her commitment to SS, she was our incredible source of strength & support in Cell Group. She listens without judgement, speaks no ill of anyone & offers help readily. Her devotion to God & her unwavering faith is an encouragement in our walk with the Lord.

Her meticulous planning & belief in what/who she cared for was evident when the headed the farewell party committee for the church Administrator then, Moby Noah.

Geraldine Tan has touched our lives in countless ways & will always be cherished as our dear close friend, a committed fellow servant in SS, a remarkable Cell Group member & a faithful sister in Christ.🙏🏼- Brandon Lim