Insecurity by Pastor R. Ramachandran

Insecurity is an offense to individual worthiness. God disapproves of our insecurity because it is an offence to His Son’s worthiness. God’s problem with insecurity is worth pondering.

According to Paul, he calls it “confidence in the flesh”. Your faith, trust and hope in God is not in you. It is not only sin, it is accompanied with suffering. Sometimes external and in other times internal factors govern it.

People express insecurity in many ways, all often shaped by their past. A recent incidence in a church exhibited meekness where a person did not admit his wrong but instead shifted the blame to another person due to his inadequacies. When he cried out to his senior superior ignoring his immediate superior, the senior believed and assured him of his stand in the church. Here is a situation, at first; insecurity moves him to avoid attention if at all possible and to cry on someone’s shoulder and the next minute to demand as much as possible because of the reassurance which gave him a different temperament and value.

We all experience insecurity in our lifetime. What makes us feel this way and how do we  free ourselves from it? God does mean for certain things to make us feel insecure. It is a warning from Him to watch out for danger and take protective measures. God’s intention is good but instead of us learning to manage, we with the insecurity overwhelming us, we speak ill of others by shifting the blame to another person for our failures.

If our focus is truly on Christ and we are truthful our belief and challenge is being mature or refined. God will supply every need of ours according to His riches in glory in Christ, Otherwise, this sense of insecurity will tell us that our identity is uncertain and threatened or our false belief is being exposed. Will Jesus faith on earth prevails when He returns?

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