Leaders of FBC

The guiding principle of our church is “Servant Leadership”. Our leaders recognize the supreme important of modeling Christ as the basis in which true life transformation must take place within our own congregation. We lead by persuasion and exhortation focusing sharply on His Word as the authoritative basis of any action.

The First Baptist Leadership is based on the New Testament model of elders and deacons. The Council of Elders is responsible for the ministry of the Word in the pulpit and biblical education as well as providing overall spiritual oversight. The Church Board comprises deacons who are tasked with administering the church in the various ministries and programs. Pastors are either elders or deacons.

Beyond this group there is a wider group of deacons who are the ministry leaders, Life Group leaders of the church and other nominated leaders.Together with the Church board they form the Assembly of Leaders which is the review body of the church and provides check and balance as well as a pool of leaders who can rotate into the Church Board.

First Baptist Leadership

Council of Elders 2013 – 2018

Richard Ng
Dr. Peter Ng

Board of Deacons 2014 – 2017

Chairman: Dr. Peter Ng
Missions: Kiang Teck Hoe
Treasurer: Brandon Wong
Social Community: Pastor Rama
Worship: Chuah Choo Chiang
Facilities: Israel Kee

Board of Deacons 2015 – 2018

Evangelism: Yong Phie Loong
Assistant Facilities: Ng Wai Keong
Secretary: Desmond Yong
Boys' Brigade Chaplain: Arnold Lim
Assistant Treasurer: Felicia Chan
Life Groups: Lee Yee Dian

Ministry Leaders 2014 – 2017

Sunday School: Vickki Ng
Wellness Counselling: Caroline Khoo
Boys' Brigade: Michael Tan
Kitchen Ministry: June Teh
Audio Visual: Malcolm Anderson
Fellowship: Steven Shia
Prayer: R. Ramachandran
Church Education Center: Lim Khoon Chuan


Social / Pastor Care: R. Ramachandran
Young Adults (H2): Pastor Massimo Gei
Youth: Pastor Mark Tan
Honorary: Moby Noah

Pastoral Workers

Missions/Playgroup: Doreen Chan
Worship/Youth: Ashley Muk
Church Education Center: Khor Lee Lin
Nepali: Rupak

Assembly Of Leaders 2014 – 2017

1. Lim Khoon Chuan
2. Massimo Gei
3. Nelson Khoo
4. Kwan Chee Seong
5. Danny Keh
6. Moby Noah
7. Wong Yow Sin
8. Thomas Kong
9. Yeoh Yeok Kim
10. Vickki Ng
11. Steven Shia
12. Tan Li Ling
13. Susan Kee
14. Mark Tan
15. Frederico Roy
16. Pearly Yeo
17. Michael Tan
18. Louie Aguilar
19. Pastor M. Lawrense
20. Lydia Thilagavathy
21. Caroline Khoo
22. Ng Yee Hing
23. Victor Hoo