Parenting Teenager

Parenting Teenager

Main Hall

time 3:00 pm

Every Saturday from

August 3, 2019


August 31, 2019

FBC’s Family Life Ministry is organizing a 5-week course on Parenting Teenagers. It begins on August 3rd, and will be held on Saturdays, 3pm – 5pm. 

It’s not a magic bullet to solve all problems, but it can be a good start.

Through this course, we will:
– Establish that parents are the main influence on our teenagers’ future.
– Discover that we’re not alone in the challenges we face
– Pick up ideas from fellow parents
– Learn about meeting our teenagers’ deepest needs, setting healthy boundaries, developing their emotional health, teaching them decision making skills.

Contact person(s):
Gary & Mag 012-6865533
Arnold: 017-8831180
Brandon: 012-6833828