Banking Instructions

FBC(E) Worshippers are now able to give their tithes and offerings using their Bank’s online banking or mobile banking application by using the Duitnow feature offered by the Banks.

FBC (E) have registered for this Duitnow feature and FBC (E) registered DuitNowID is : BT76.

A simplified DuitNow Step by Step guides for all banks:

Step 1: Logon your internet or mobile banking.

Step 2: Look for DuitNow under ‘Fund Transfer’ or ‘Send Money’ menu.

Step 3: Select “Company Registration No.” under ID Type. Key in BT76.

Step 4: Confirm recipient’s DuitNow ID number as BT76. First Baptist Church (E) will be displayed as the recipient.

Step 5: Confirm recipient’s details (General Offering), name is optional and amount to transfer.

Step 6: Verify Transfer Details.

Step 7: Done!

Step 8: Keep the receipt

Please feel free to contact Wah See (church office) or Johnny (017 3553 060) if you have any queries.


You can go to church and follow this.